Event Management

Event Management

Hologram is upcoming and has the chance to immerse our entire lives. In a world that is becoming ever-more connected. Increasingly, open markets and the proliferation of multinational corporations are ramping up the demand for close collaboration between individuals separated by continents and time zones.

Holoportation bridges this gap in a way no previous technology has been able to. Representatives from the far corners of the Earth will no longer have to look at each other on 2D computer screens and the ability to co-inhabit physical spaces. We entered this space to offer you these technologies as the permeate our social lives. With 3D models in real-time communication, reduction is travel replaced by face-to-face meeting solutions.

Holographic Services

Luxury Resorts

Hotel lobbies can have displays of 3D Hologram figures to represents incoming client’s logos, scriptures and or image of a leader.


For nonprofit organizations and foundations seeking the ultimate in donor recognition, AIM 3D holograms provide a unique, unprecedented platform for donors.


Use of 3D hologram structure to create a memorable live performance for your audience. AIM can take your event capabilities to new levels. For special occasions, guests can create heart-touching toasts and tributes, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Maximize customer impact with eye-catching presentations and displays. Easily change hologram content to feature new products, services and current sales. With this new technology, capturing customer attention becomes a dynamic display.

3D Hologram

A hologram projected on wall or a glass could show a 3D concept car that looks real. 3D presentations for meetings and conferences will wow audiences, allow us to vow you audience with this new technology. We also have an AR component to our offerings.

Hologram Rentals

We offer rental services of event related single hologram or an entire collection for special events, parties, exhibitions, trade shows, or corporate functions. We carry a wide variety of holograms in many sizes from small to large. We can also rent displays and lighting.