Whether you need help optimizing your own integrated network, or you just want to outsource, Linxerve, LLC is your go-to solution provider, our team of experienced engineers and project leads will do a thorough assessment of your current solution and work closely with your team on integrating your current and emerging technologies to provide you with a high-quality, scalable, cost-effective solution.

Our recommended solution will improve service levels satisfaction, and end-user productivity through streamlining processes, centralizing IT support, training processes, and integrating support tools.

Digital Signage Solution

Digital signage allows you to engage people across your organization to reinforce culture, boost morale, increase effectiveness and foster inclusion. It also demystifies your product offering to your client showing result actual benefit to them.

Digital displays welcome visitors on the big screen and help them navigate your facility learn about the public amenities, service offering and encourages customer engagement through use of interactive way finding and directories – resulting in a more pleasurable and memorable experience.

Some of the benefit of Digital Signage to your corporation:

  • Show news, events and alerts when and where you choose
  • Display data from Excel, XML and SharePoint applications
  • Provide interactive way finding and directories for visitors
  • Use interactive room signs for improved space management

Content type

Our Digital signage software let’s you create beautiful content within the application or leverage existing media library and or create customizable formats for your display.

  • Text and graphics
  • Video and Flash with audio
  • PowerPoint
  • Event schedules
  • Interactive way finding and directories
  • Weather, news and stock updates
  • Alert notifications
  • Web pages
  • Polls, surveys and contests
  • Cable feeds and streaming
  • Social media and other RSS feeds

IT & Engineering Solution

Get your business running smarter with IT & AV solutions. We serve clients worldwide with an array of offerings Structural cabling, Digital signage, VoIP installation and managed solution as while as Holographic display services


Linxerve offers a suite of solution-based services, experience working in Hospital environment collaborating with the infection control team to ensure safety. We work closely with our clients to reach an agreed budget, timeline and deliverables that are accomplished through our knowledge of the market.